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FRY Gene Identification Publication

GeneAssess, Inc. is delighted to announce the publication of the genetic studies that led to the identification of the FRY gene as a breast cancer susceptibility suppressor gene. The studies published in the open access journal PLOS ONE* are the culmination of more than 12 years of research in the laboratory of Dr. Helmut Zarbl, Founding President of GeneAssess, Inc.. The studies began by asking why are some rat strains are almost completely resistant to cancer, while other strains develop mammary carcinomas at a very high frequency when exposed to chemical carcinogens, hormones or radiation during the onset of puberty. To find the genes underlying this difference, the Zarbl lab performed a genetic crosses between a sensitive and resistant strain and asked if there were chromosomal regions that conferred resistance to the offspring. This genetic linkage analysis identified a region on rat chromosome 12 within a region that is conserved on human chromosome 13. Interestingly, this region also contains the BRCA2 breast cancer suppressor gene. After ruling out the BRCA2 gene, they showed that Fry, a gene immediately adjacent to the rat Brca2 suppressor was mutated in the susceptible F344 strain. Studies further showed that FRY was reduced in all human breast cancer cell lines examined as a result of decreased expression or mutation. These finding provided the basis for ongoing studies that are assessing the the role of the FRY gene in cancer susceptibility and progression.

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*Citation: Ren X, Graham JC, Jing L, Mikheev AM, Gao Y, et al. (2013) Mapping of Mcs30, a New Mammary Carcinoma Susceptibility Quantitative Trait Locus (QTL30) on Rat Chromosome 12: Identification of Fry as a Candidate Mcs Gene.
PLoS ONE 8(9): e70930.doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0070930

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